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Development, Recognition, Measurement and signposts of a creative mind

July 8, 2007

We shall treat this discussion under three heads by dividing into 3 categories: 

·         Identifying the qualities of creative mind.

·         Devising a method of measuring the index of creativity.

·         Developing/devising a method/model/technique for it’s further rise i.e., the index of the creativity/capability (essentially removing inaccurate, wrong and erroneous thinking).

First, we shall discuss what are the indications, traits ofcreative mind behavior; it’s signs, identifying symptoms etc. inthis first part.

Generally creative behavior traits are thought ofas:  

 ·         Fluency ·         Flexibility·         Originality·         Elaboration 

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History : IAS Prelim 2007 Solution with Explanation

May 31, 2007




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HISTORY - 20 Mock Test Prog

History Mains Test Series 2009

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