11 Responses to “UPSC – IAS : Notice: About Solution & Analysis: General Studies Prelim 2012 & Aptitude Paper 2012 ( Question Paper, Solution & Analysis )”

  1. An Aspirant Says:

    Dear sir,
    When should i expect the answer key on the blog?

  2. vinay chauhan Says:


  3. Asha Sehrawat Says:

    question no 12 doubt about the biomass gasification

  4. Asha Sehrawat Says:

    are hair oils and cosmetics source of lead poisoning?

  5. Asha Sehrawat Says:

    is mid day meal scheme not a part of inclusive governance?

  6. Asha Sehrawat Says:

    is portfolio investment not FDI?

  7. An Aspirant Says:

    Portfolio investment is FII.. for more details http://www.rbi.org.in/advt/fiinri.html

  8. suresh Says:

    painting is not considered as capital goods. so answer should be C i.e. only 2.

  9. Rohit Kumar Says:

    1.FDI-All 4 pts comes under FDI 2.Capillarity-All 4 are examples of capillarity. 3.Directive Principles-All 4 pts are included

  10. Rohit Kumar Says:

    doubt in question related to pole star

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