19 Responses to “UPSC – IAS : CSAT – General Studies Prelim 2011 – Question Papers , Answers Key & Explanation”

  1. Ramesh Reddy Says:

    usefull for civil service aspirants

  2. UPSC Civil Services - Page 41 - PaGaLGuY.com - The Everything of MBA in India and Abroad, CAT 2011, GMAT, XAT, MAT Says:
  3. Deepak Yadav Says:

    Well for any first timer, the interview call letter of civil services brings
    immense joy and apprehension of what will happen in interview.What kind of
    questions will be asked and will I be able to answer those queries confidently and

    upsc information

  4. vaibhawsingh Says:

    want a glimpse over csat solved paper2011

  5. trimurthy Says:

    plz sir

  6. trimurthy Says:

    plz sir csat qution send

  7. chandan prasad Says:

    i regard ur advise .i want to say that u sould give thematerial in hindi also

  8. md shahanshah iqbal Says:

    pls send the csat prelims question paper with solution to my email id

  9. Deepak kumar singh Says:

    sir,i am student of BE(COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGG.). Can i apply the CSAT 0r IAS examination.

    • Amit B Says:

      you can apply provided you can produce completion certificate of your bachelor degree in your main exam application

  10. harsiddh Says:

    ….. good

  11. suchitra swargiary Says:

    sir, can i have prelims question papers of 2011 in my email id?

  12. shahana parveen Says:

    plz sir can i have prelims question papers of 2011 in my email id

  13. venkata trinadh Says:

    Please,Sir I’m studying 10th class very much interested in joining civil services so I want the question paper with following key…please mail it to my ID..

  14. swarna Says:

    i have UPSC 2011 prelims question paper.

  15. swarna Says:

    can anybody send me the key for that question paper. or tell me where i can get key.it is very important to me.

  16. Sindhuja T Says:

    sir can i get the question paper for IAS Pre.exam 2011

  17. Abinaya Ishwarya.G.K Says:

    iam doing my civil engineering pre-final year. so i need material on based that. then question paper of preliminary examination to my mail sir.

  18. himani upadhyay Says:

    plz sir can i have prelims question paper of 2011 in my email id.

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