UPSC – IAS Philosophy Mains Mock Test 1 – Indian Philosophy

Date of Dispatch                   : 24th June ( Airmail & email )

Date of Mock Test               : 28 June ( Sunday )

Download:  Philosophy  Main 2009 Test Series Program

                        Philosophy Mock Test 1 – Indian Philosophy

IAS Main Mock Tests Program 2009



  1. 1.     Cārvāka : Theory of Knowledge; Rejection of Transcendent Entities.
  2. 2.     Jainism: Theory of Reality; Saptabhaňginaya; Bondage and Liberation.
  3. 3.     Schools of Buddhism: Pratītyasamutpāda; Ksanikavada, Nairātmyavāda
  4. 4.     Nyāya- Vaiśesika: Theory of Categories; Theory of Appearance; Theory of Pramāna; Self, Liberation; God; Proofs for the Existence of God; Theory of Causation; Atomistic Theory of Creation.

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