UPSC – IAS General Studies Mains: Questions Pattern & Trend Analysis – 1995 to 2008

New –( 3 in Top 10 ) Final Result IAS 2011 ( Vision IAS ) – Civil Service Exam – Toppers Interview Transcript / Answer Booklet

New : IAS – Approach – Analysis – Source – Solution – Strategy – CSAT – General Studies Prelim Paper 2011


New – CSAT: All INDIA INTERACTIVE IAS PRELIM ( General Studies + Aptitude Test ) TEST SERIES 2012 ( Civil Service Aptitude Test 2012 ) : Module X : 1 April 2012

New : Vision IAS – Download – Toppers / Good -Mains Answer Booklets of General Studies and optional subject

New :DISTANCE LEARNING / CLASSROOM – All INDIA IAS MAINS TEST SERIES 2012 – ANSWER WRITING EVALUATION PROGRAMME – General Studies , Public Administration , Sociology , Philosophy , Geography , Psychology , Hindi Literature , Essay :Mains Test Series 2012 ( Module V : 8 January)


General Studies Mains

Questions Pattern & Trend Analysis – 1995 to 2008

Download PDF files :

History of Modern India ( 6 Pages )

Indian Polity and Constitution ( 9 Pages )

Science and Technology ( 7 Pages )

Geography of India ( 5 Pages )

Indian Economy ( 7 Pages )

India & World ( 5 Pages )


DOWNLOAD : PAPER I – GS MAIN 2009 ( 3 Pages )

PAPER II – GS MAIN 2009 ( 5 pages )


33 Responses to “UPSC – IAS General Studies Mains: Questions Pattern & Trend Analysis – 1995 to 2008”

  1. krishna Says:

    thanks for your trend analysis

  2. guna Says:

    thanks for ur valuable details

  3. makarand kamde Says:

    respacted sir,
    m vry thnk full to u, for provoding us trend analysis…..

  4. Asif Ali Says:

    thankyou for some valuable information related trend analysis

  5. Chishty Says:

    You are a life saver!

  6. samin Says:

    thank for it
    it is very useful to civil service aspirants.

  7. stalon Says:

    you give me new hope sir, awesome!!!!!

  8. stalon Says:

    i would be really grateful if we get trend for the social events part in gs

  9. stalon Says:

    i would be really grateful if we get trend for the social events part in general studies

  10. Dr MEENAKSHI Says:

    thank you ,would like to see model answer paper for geography optional

  11. NASIR KHAN Says:

    very usefull information shared thaaks,and should put the answers and the name and papper of the first come of that year.

  12. prashant awasthi Says:

    thank you for such a insightful and in-depth analysis that includes comprehensive yet fluent approach.

  13. R.Helan Says:

    it was really more useful sir …

  14. meeth Says:

    hats Off for all the efforts!!!!

  15. abir Says:

    thank you very much for your help……..

  16. ashwani Says:

    send please ias exam paper

  17. bhawna Says:

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  18. Jazakallahu hairan. Says:

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  19. catherin Says:

    It was very informative.


  20. pankaj rayal Says:

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  21. sachin barahate Says:

    thanks very much for this attachments

  22. Ranajitsing Rajput Says:

    thanks for this all material…………….

  23. mahesh meena Says:

    Thanks for the free service

  24. chandra kishore ray Says:

    thanks a lot for giving the guestion pattern in details

  25. chandra kishore ray Says:


  26. srinu Says:

    minimum percentage for qualification in UPSC ? plz send to


  27. vinod Says:

    respected sir,Iam vinod and ,i woud like interapt your nots of gs mains and so plz give me prapar notes like exculsive of pub ad and geography notes

    thanking you sir…

  28. shailender Says:

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  31. Kanwar Jagmesh Singh Says:

    Sir i want join indian army please provide me SSB & OTA Question Paper

  32. mohan Says:

    really you are providing good information thank you very much……………
    fantastic information sir………..

  33. vishal Says:

    Thanks mate:-)

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