QUIZ QC 28: Current Affairs and General Knowledge – IAS General Studies Prelim 2009



1. according to Transparency International’s 2008 Bribe Payers Index (BPI), Select the correct sequence of countries’ BPI in the descending order:

a). Brazil,India,Maxico,China                                                        

b). India,Brazil,Maxico,China

c). China,India,Brazil,Maxico                                                        

d). India,China,Brazil,Maxico


   3. Consider the following statements:

 1. Prabhat Patnaik has been included in a four member high power task force of the United Nations to recommend reform of the global financial system.

2. The task force is to be headed by Noble Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

   a). Only 1                                b). Only 2

   c). both 1 and 2                      d). Neither 1 nor 2


5. Which among of the following United Nation Security Council Resolution established sanctions against Pakistan-based Jamaat-ud-Dawa, a front organisation for Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT)?

a). UN Security Council Res.1267                                   

b). UN Security Council Res.1367                         

c). UN Security Council Res.1467                                   

d). UN Security Council Res.1667


14.Who among of the persons , editor in chief of Daily Times & Friday Times  has been awarded the 2009 Golden Pen of Freedom , the annual Prize of the World Association of Newspapers.

 a). Siddiq Baluch                               b). Hasan Abidi

 c). Ziauddin Ahmad Suleri                 d). Najam Sethi



18. Which among of the following Parliamentary committee is probing the cash-for-votes scandal related to the trust vote in the Lok Sabha ?

a). V. Kishore Chandra Deo Parliamentary Committee

b). Ramkrishnan Rao Parliamentry Committee

c). Samir Dutta parliamentary Committee

d). K. Swami Parliamentary committee




Download at: QUIZ QC 28:  Current Affairs and General Knowledge – IAS General Studies Prelim 2009




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