UPSC – IAS : Chemistry IAS Prelim 2009 – Mock Test 1: Inorganic Chemistry – I



No. of Questions: 120        Time: 2 Hrs

Date of Mock Test : 14 December (Sunday)




1.1 Atomic structure: y Schrodinger wave equation, significance of 2yand  quantum numbers and their significance, radial and angular probability, shapes of orbital, relative energies of atomic orbital as a function of atomic number. Electronic configurations of elements; Aufbau principle, Hund’s multiplicity rule, Pauli exclusion principle.

1.2 Chemical periodicity : Periodic classification of elements, salient characteristics of s,p,d and f block elements. Periodic trends of atomic radii, ionic radii, ionisation potential, electron affinity and electro negativity in the periodic table.

1.3 Chemical bonding : Types of bonding, overlap of atomic orbitals, sigma and pi bonds, hydrogen and metallic bonds. Shapes of molecules, bond order, bond length, V.S.E.P.R. theory and bond angles. The concept of hybridization and shapes of molecules and ions.

1.4 Oxidation states and oxidation number: Oxidation and reduction, oxidation numbers, common redox reactions, ionic equations. Balancing of equations for oxidation and reduction reactions.

1.5 Acids and bases : Bronsted and Lewis theories of acids and bases. Hard and soft acids and bases. HSAB principle, relative strengths of acids and bases and the effect of substituents and solvents on their strength.

1.6 Chemistry of elements :(i) Hydrogen: Its unique position in the periodic table, isotopes, ortho and para hydrogen, industrial production, heavy water.

(ii) Chemistry of s and p block elements : electronic configuration, general characteristics properties, inert pair effect, allotropy and catenation. Special emphasis on solutions of alkali and alkaline earth metals in liquid ammonia. Preparation, properties and structures of boric acid, borates, boron nitrides, borohydride (diborane), carboranes, oxides and oxyacids of nitrogen, phosphorous, sulphur and chlorine; interhalogen compounds, polyhalide ions, pseudohalogens, fluorocarbons and basic properties of halogens. Chemical reactivity of noble gases, preparation, structure and bonding of noble gas compounds.




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Plan Dec’: 10 Mock Tests- Chemistry Pre 2009: Schedule & Content

Starting on – 14 Dec. 2008




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  1. Roopa Says:

    can u plz send the moel question papers of chemistry

  2. Roopa Says:

    can u plz send the model question papers of chemistry including puc and Degree also.

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