QUIZ QC 24: Current Affairs and General Knowledge – IAS General Studies Prelim 2009

4. Which among of the following discoveries are awarded Nobel Prize 2008 in Physiology or Medicine?

1.      For discovery of human papilloma viruses causing cervical cancer.

2.      For discovery of human immunodeficiency virus

3.      for discovery of RNA interference – gene silencing by double-stranded RNA

4.      For discovery for introducing specific gene modifications in mice by the use of embryonic stem cells

Codes :

a). 1 and 2                                                                      b). 2 and 3

c). 2 and 4                                                                      d). 1 and 4


7. Select the correct sequence of countries in the descending order of competitiveness according to the World Economic Forum’s annual Raking 2008-09 :

 a). United State , Switzerland , Denmark , Sweden

 b). United State , Switzerland , Sweden , Denmark

 c). Switzerland , United State , Denmark , Sweden

 d). Denmark , Switzerland , United State  , Sweden


17. Consider the following statements:

1.      The Swedish Academy awarded the 2008 Noble Prize for Literature to German Writer Le Clezio.

2.      The Swedish Academy describe him as “ an author of new departures , poetic adventures and sensual ecstasy , explorer of a humanity beyond the reigning civilization” .

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

   a). Only 1                                                     b). Only 2

   c). both 1 and 2                                           d). Neither 1 nor 2


19. According to latest report, an average debt on every US Citizen is approx:

   a). $ 30000                                                   b). $ 34000

   c). $ 38000                                                  d). $ 42000


20. At present India have 22 atomic power reactors. How many atomic power reactors were designated for civilian programme?

 a). 12                                                              b). 14

 c). 16                                                              d. 18


25. Who among of the following persons is the current United State Treasury Secretary and former chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs?

  a). Henry Paulson                                       b). Jon Corzine

  c). Lloyd Blankfein                                      d). Robert Gates


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