Mock Test 3 – IAS Philosophy Main 2008 – Philosophy of Religion



Philosophy of Religion  


Download (5 Page PDF file – Content & Schedule of Test Series with Evaluation Methodology and Indicators) at: IAS PHILOSOPHY MAIN MOCK TEST SERIES 2008






1. Notions of God: Attributes; Relation to Man and the World (Indian and Western).

2. Proofs for the Existence of God and their Critique (Indian and Western).

3. Problem of Evil.

4. Soul: Immortality; Rebirth and Liberation.

5. Reason, Revelation and Faith.

6. Religious Experience: Nature and Object (Indian and Western).

7. Religion without God.

8. Religion and Morality.

9. Religious Pluralism and the Problem of Absolute Truth.

10. Nature of Religious Language: Analogical and Symbolic; Cognitive and Non- cognitive.






  IAS : General Studies Main 2008 – Distance Learning Programme : Study Material  






















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  1. satish Says:

    thanks for posting mains maths paper…plz if possible post pre paper also would be help ful to many student like me….. thankyou…..

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