QUIZ QC 12: Current Affairs & General Awareness – IAS General Studies Prelim 2008

Download – Program Structure: General Studies Pre 2010 (25 Mock Tests + Current Affairs Notes)

Online Test Series at : www.visioniasonline.com

10. Select the correct sequence of EDI (Composite Primary and Upper Primary Education development Index in India ) in the descending order :

a).  Kerala , Delhi , Tamil Nadu , Karnataka

b). Kerala , Tamil Nadu , Delhi , Karnataka

c). Kerala , Karnataka , Tamilnadu , Delhi

d). Kerala , Tamil Nadu , Karnatake , Delhi

11. Consider the following statements:

  1. “One ASEAN at the Heart of Dynamic Asia “ is the theme of 13th ASEAN Summit in Singapore.
  2. “ Delivering Democracy and sustainable Development” is the theme of 53rd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Delhi.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

a). Only 1                                 b). Only 2

c). both 1 and 2                       d). Neither 1 nor 2

12. According to the Sans Frontier Reports ( Press Freedom Index) , which among of the following countries has Maximum Press freedom ?

a). Finland b). New Zealand

c). Ireland d). Denmark

15. Which among of the following companies launched IT Projects: “Project Shiksha” for acceleration of computer Literacy and “Swaraj “for managing the Panchayati Raj System?

a). TCS                                                                    b). INFOSYS

c). WIPRO                                                              d). Microsoft India

Read at : QUIZ QC 12:  Current Affairs and General Awareness – IAS General Studies Prelim 2008

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