Syllabus – UPSC: IAS -2008 – Prelim and Main – Optional Subject



20 Responses to “Syllabus – UPSC: IAS -2008 – Prelim and Main – Optional Subject”

  1. ramu Says:

    thank u

  2. ashu Says:

    thanks for d stuff

  3. vivek sharma Says:

    plesae give me paper of ias essay

  4. divya Says:

    i want to know the procedure of becoming an IAS from A to Z

  5. CS Says:

    please tell me the complete procedure,syllabus and guidelines of becoming an ias by mail

  6. Damodharan Says:

    Its very useful – i feel my self for not knowing this site before. thank you for such a wonderful guidance on correct lines.

  7. randhir singh Says:

    I am computer science engineering student.can i go for ias preparation.if yes, which subjects (for prelims ) would be scoring to me??

    thanks in advance

  8. Vignesh. L Says:

    Mail me all details of IAS preparation. Especially the optional subject by most IAS candidates. Basically im an Electronics & Communication Engineer….

  9. dharmender Says:

    so much thanks

  10. Bharat Bhushan Says:

    please tell me the complete procedure,syllabus and guidelines of becoming an ias by mail

  11. Alok Says:

    very intersting topic

  12. venkat Says:


  13. pushkar sharma Says:

    i m a new reader of your blog…and i really appreciated your step towards our walfare . sir , i am pursuing my from NIT nagpur in chemical engineering ( IV sem) . i gone through the keypoints for physics in your blog , can you please let me know the key points & recommended books for maths & chemistry …….

  14. ashwini Says:

    i am electronics student i need to know which all the syllabus related to electronics and communications will be there for coming IAS exam and tell me when will the exam and details about exam

  15. prithvi Says:

    im basically from electricals background..and im preparing for civilz xam..ive chosen my core subject EEE and maths as my 2 optionals..on wat basis do they judge the final score?By total score?or do they relax the cut off marks for tougher subjects?usually students wit history or public adm as optionals are supposed 2 have the edge over can i compare my performance wit that of others,like wat kind of score should i be aiming in my subjects so as to have a chance 2 crack IAS cadre?cod any1 help me out wit my doubts?any help wod be appreciated..thank you..

  16. raj Says:

    i am joining in electronics engg.Can i get some help to prepare for I.A.S,I.P.S,I.E.S,etc and the subjects required???

  17. nidhi Says:

    I am B.E E.C graduate student.Please tell me the subject regarding my graduation for ias exam.Are there only three engineering subjects for ias as civil,mechanical and electrical?Is there a subject of electronics and communication for ias exam?Please reply me.

  18. aditi Says:

    im an electronics engg student n want to become an ias…
    can u please mail me all the details of it…
    n specialy the subjects and the syllabus…

  19. pari Says:

    please give a syllabus for electronics and communication branch engg.


    i am boddh prakash from bca final year student . i want to know that may i eligible for ias exam . if i am eligible so which subject can i choose ………please tell me as soon as possible.

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