GEOGRAPHY IAS Prelim – Key books, Question papers, Tests, Notes, Syllabus & Basic Points

New : IAS Geography Mains Paper 2009

Understading the syllabus of geography prelim:

 Section- A : Physical Georgraphy

Section-B : Human Geography

Section-C : Geography of the World

Section- D: Geography of India

Section-E: Geographical Thought

Section-F: Techniques of Geographical Analysis 

Key Books for Geography Prelim  

  1. NCERT 6th to 12th (Old and New )
  2. Savinder Singh ( Physical geography )
  3. Geography by G C Leong
  4. Geography Made Simple ( part I & II )  : Rupa Publication
  5. Human Geography : Mahjid Husain
  6. India Geography by Khullar
  7. Geography Through Map : K. Siddhartha
  8. Cartography by R L Singh

Statistics: Number of Questions asked from different Sections:

A: Physical Georgraphy                                : 25 -30

B: Human Geography                                   : 18- 20

C: Geography of the World                           :  20-25

D: Geography of India                                   : 20-25

E: Geographical Thought                              :  8 – 10

F: Techniques of Geographical Analysis       : 10-15  

Geography IAS Prelim Test Series 2010

( 20 Mock Test Program )

Download :  Geography IAS Prelim – 20 Mock Test Program

GEOGRAPHY  - 20 Mock Test Prog

Download :  Program Structure     Registration Form

Geography Mains Test Series 2009

Download: Test 1 –: Question Paper  Program Structure

                                    World Map

IAS Geography Interactive Distance Learning Programme

Vision IAS Website


3 Responses to “GEOGRAPHY IAS Prelim – Key books, Question papers, Tests, Notes, Syllabus & Basic Points”

  1. jogesh jonwal Says:

    hii sir pls tell me what will be the cutt off in ias 2007 in geography and gs pls rep me soon ok thanks………….

  2. bharath n Says:

    sir could u plz tel which the is proper way approach the geography paper has i am from differnt background.
    and this is my first approach sir kindly guide me in the proper way.

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