IAS Sociology Main : Question papers 2006, 2005 & 2004 – Analyse Pattern of Questions and change

New : Sociology IAS Mains 2009 – Question Paper

 IAS Sociology Mains: Question Pattern Analysis (1995 to 2008 ) – Paper I & II

Question papers:

IAS Main Sociology 2006 – Paper I & II  

IAS Main Sociology 2005 – Paper I & II

IAS Main Sociology 2004 – Paper I & II  

IAS Sociology Mains

Question Pattern Analysis (1995 to 2008 )

Download PDF Files:

Paper I – Fundamental of Sociology

Paper II – Indian Society, Strcuture & Change

HOW TO START: Step by Step Preparation in the Right Direction with proper consideration of TIME  

Step 1: Understand the boundary of the syllabus effectively

Step 2: Understanding Questions Pattern and Critically Analysis the nature of questions asked from different sections

Step 3: Start the Preparation from Key Books + Study Material under Guidance of Expert

Step 4: Practice Session: Test Series – Answer writing Skill Development under Guidance of Expert 

Sociology Mains Test Series 2009

Download: Test 1 –: Question Paper   Program Structure


Download :  Sociology  IAS Prelim – 20 Mock Test Program

SOCIOLOGY - 20 Mock Test Prog

Vision IAS Website





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