UPSC- IAS HISTORY Main 2007 – Question Paper

New : Special IAS History Pre. Mock Test Question Paper 2010 – Ancient India

New : History IAS Mains Question Paper 2009  

1. Mark any fifteen of the following places on the map supplied to you and write short descriptive notes on the places marked.  4×15=60                                                                                                             

 .(i).       Kot digi          

(ii).       Kalibangan   

 (iii).      Ahicchatra     

(iv).      Bhimbaitka   

(v).       Kanauj             

Download at : UPSC- IAS HISTORY Main 2007 – Question Paper I & II

History  Mains Test Series 2009

 Test 1 : Ancient India  ( Topics : 1 to 7 )

 Download : Question Paper – Ancient India  ( Topics : 1 to 7 )

                        : Answer sheet


Download :  HistoryTest Series Program 2009


Download :  History IAS Prelim – 20 Mock Test Program

HISTORY - 20 Mock Test Prog

 History  Interactive Distance Learning Programme copyVision IAS Website

3 Responses to “UPSC- IAS HISTORY Main 2007 – Question Paper”

  1. jitender Says:

    this very cool

  2. Dharmendra singh Says:

    i am preparing for IAS are help me

  3. Jitenderkumar Says:

    I am preparing for ias and subject is indian history i need some previous exam paper

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