IAS General Studies – FRONTLINE – Sept 8- Sept 21, 2007

Articles: Social Issues – The Naxalite Problem

Roots in history by Praveen Swami

The politics of jehad in Hyderabad goes back to 1948 when the princely state resisted accession to the Indian Union. 


Questions over judicial council by V.Venkatesan

A Parliamentary Standing Committee seeks to remove the pro-Judiciary bias in the Judges (Inquiry) Bill, 2006. 

The battle is on By John Cherian  Despite widespread protests, India joins in the naval exercises conducted in the Bay of Bengal by the U.S. and its regional allies. 

Unravelling India’s growth transition  By C.P. Chandrasekhar The surge in foreign capital inflows that fuelled the Indian economy’s high growth trajectory is also making it fragile and vulnerable to financial crises elsewhere  

Tackling terror by R.K. Raghavan  

A policy declaration that we stand firm against terrorism and have done all that is needed to guard our assets will only enhance India’s image as a mature nation. 

Sanctifying mass destruction by praful Bidwai

The toxic terms of discourse of the nuclear debate have insidiously intruded into the public’s mind and distorted its moral perspective

Access to farming knowledge By Jayati GhoshExtension workers continue to disseminate knowledge about practices that may be not only irrelevant but even harmful

At a crossroads by Walden Bello

The WSF, a space to discuss and debate an alternative world order, is in danger of becoming a forum of ideas with no agenda for action. 

Reaching out by John cherian

Venezuela’s new Constitution seems to be on course for approval even as Chavez attempts to build a new America free of U.S. influence.

War games in the Urals by Vladimir Radyuhin The largest ever military exercise by the SCO adds a new dimension to its rapidly expanding security agenda.       

Courtesy : The Frontline – www.flonnet.com      

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