Lecture:Governance Matters in Economic Reform

Governance Matters in Economic Reform

    Pranab  Bardhan ( University of California at Berkeley )

“If the kings be deprived of the rules of governance, the trinity of Brahma, Vishnuand Shiva is sunk like a boat without its pilot, hence all rules of conduct perish”          from Bhishmaís words of advice to Yudhishthira in the Mahabharata

As for economic reform, the preoccupation is with deregulation, trade policy, and fiscalPolicy, privatization, corporate finance, and capital account convertibility. Very little Serious work or discussion on the modalities and details of governance reform.  I believe the unpopularity of economic reform in India has much to do with our dysfunctional governance.  Many economists and columnists in the financial press are not aware how unpopular,rightly or wrongly, the reforms introduced since 1991 are with the general public.

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