IAS General Studies – FRONTLINE – August 25- Sept 7., 2007

Going critical by R. RAMACHANDRAN (Nuclear Fuel cycle: Graphic presentation)

The Department of Atomic Energy was not the driving force behind the India-U.S. nuclear engagement.IN the wake of the Left parties’ opposition to the negotiated 123 Agreement, which will form the basis for India-United States civil nuclear cooperation, efforts by the government to emphasise its importance for the energy security of the country are in evidence. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has used all available opportunities to dwell on the role of nuclear power in our energy security and the necessity of the India-U.S. nuclear deal to realise that role. While nuclear power will be critical for the country’s long-term energy security, and our indigenous three-stage nuclear power programme has been evolved from that perspective, it is important to understand that the nuclear deal cannot be central to achieving that. Indeed, Anil Kakodkar, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), has always maintained that any import of nuclear power that may become possible following the India-U.S. nuclear agreement will only be an “additionality” to the long-term projections for the installed nuclear capacity under the indigenous programme.

Basics of Nuclear Energy 

Enriched uranium: If the non-fissile U-238 is removed from natural uranium, then the U-235 concentration will go up. This is known as uranium enrichment. This is done by a series of chemical and physical processes. In India, enrichment of uranium is done at the Rare Materials Plant, Ratnahalli, near Mysore.

Nuclear standoff By Venkitesh Ramakrishnan 

The fate of the Union government hangs in the balance as the ruling UPA and the Left parties differ strongly on the India-U.S. nuclear deal.

Strategic trap byJOHN CHERIAN  

The nuclear deal has the potential to intertwine the U.S. and India into an even closer strategic relationship than already exists


Interview :  Nuclear Deal

           Interview with Kapil Sibal, Union Minister

.          Interview with BJP leader Yashwant Sinha. 

          Interview with CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat

  Silent fusion by VIJAY PRASHAD  

In the U.S., there is almost no consideration of the ongoing debate in India over the 123 Agreement. 

Hyde-bound by VIJAY PRASHAD  

The Hyde Act was a major White House achievement at a time when the Bush presidency entered its lame duck phase. 

Invitation to war by JOHN CHERIAN  

The U.S. proposes to label Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organisation. 

Atomic impasse  by PRAFUL BIDWAI  

The deal cannot be worked out without risking the UPA government’s survival. The present pause should occasion a rethink on disarmament and energy. 

Can U.S. Fed help Asian markets? By C.P. CHANDRASEKHAR  

Revival of the U.S. housing market by debt restructuring rather than improved credit flow can help Asian markets recover from the subprime blow. 

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