Essay: Politics, Democracy & Constitutions

NEW: IAS ESSAY 2009 – Mock Test 1

Six decades of parliamentary democracySOMNATH CHATTERJEE  

In spite of shortcomings, Parliament can claim the maximum credit for creating conditions for democracy to flourish 



India at sixty – MANMOHAN SINGH             


The nation is on the move. The challenge before us is to make the growth process more socially inclusive and regionally balanced 



Democracy and socio-economic justice PRAKASH KARAT      

The great Indian paradox: a thriving ‘democracy’ in which the people are powerless to change the exploitative and unequal economic order.



A developmental vision for the future N. CHANDRABABU NAIDU  

Towards an alternative economic programme to balance economic growth and equity 

Two unlikely heroes: the Election Commission and the judiciary N. RAVI 

Ironically, in order to protect the Constitution, both have assumed powers that extend beyond their original mandate.


 A pluralist society and a secular state – MALINI PARTHASARATHY  

India is the acknowledged home of people of different cultural and social identities. Its democratic experiment has stood the test of time.



On the threshold of ‘social democracy’ KUMARI MAYAWATI  

When an eagle takes flight, it has to fly against the wind and not with it.


Hopes for the future – RAJNATH SINGH  

The challenges: internal security, rural poverty, moral values.

 Courtesy : The Hindu  


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