Philosophy IAS Main: Key Points, Marks Pattern, Books & Basic Understanding

NEW – IAS: Useful Resource: PHILOSOPHY: Mock Test Papers, Study material, Questions Paper, Questions Trend Analysis, Strategy, Key Books, Guidelines, Articles, Synopsis – Answer Format

New – CSAT: All INDIA INTERACTIVE IAS PRELIM ( General Studies + Aptitude Test ) TEST SERIES 2012 ( Civil Service Aptitude Test 2012 ) : Module X : 1 April 2012

Key Points:

  • Any one from science, engineering, art, Medical & commerce stream can select Philosophy  as an optional subject.
  • Position : Select as a second optional subject ( Main)
  • A well define , small , interesting & structured syllabus.
  • Completion time : 12 weeks
  • Average Marks : 320-340
  • Extraordinary scoring potential & best supporting to first optional subject.
  • Add-on advantages in Essay & General Studies
  • Enhances overall impression for interview excellence





IAS Philosophy Main 2005

IAS philosophy Main 2004

Resourse : Crash Course for Philosophy IAS Mains (35 Days)

IAS Essay vs IAS Mains Philosophy

Key Books: Indian Philosophy:

Essentials of Indian Philosophy: Books: M. Hiriyanna

Introduction of Indian Philosophy: Dutta & Chaterjee

Western Philosophy: A history of Philosophy: Frank Thilly

Philosophy of Religion:Religion Philosophy: Y Masih

Social Political Philosophy:Political Theory: O P Gauba

26 Responses to “Philosophy IAS Main: Key Points, Marks Pattern, Books & Basic Understanding”

  1. srikan Says:

    u r doing a nice job.

  2. devkinandan meena Says:

    I’m appearing for mains 2007 (3rd times mains)
    plz let me know if there is any online help for
    philosophy for mains….any test series etc.

    Devkinandan Meena

  3. zoheb hasan Says:

    I’ve selected philosophy as a second optional. Is coaching necessary or i can prepare it on my own considering the technalities involved. please help me know.

  4. zoheb hasan Says:

    I,ve already apprared twice in the UPSC but coudn’t crack even the prelims. But I know that hopefully this year i can and I’ve opted philosophy as second optional (first optional is history). Can iI prepare this subject (philosophy)on my own or is coaching necessary? please help me know.
    Zoheb Hasan

  5. ruchi Says:

    pls tell me hw can i pursue ur crash course in philosophy mains?

  6. yuvi Says:

    pls tell me which books to buy and what are the optional subjects?

  7. satish Says:

    why aspiarents are not tacking geography & philosophy combinedly;
    plz tell me what is major probleb

  8. deependra vikram Says:

    nice job sir…

  9. pankaj kumar Says:

    kindly suggest me the books for philosphy for mains

  10. akash pratap singh Says:

    i am an engineering student from uptu in second year from ELECTRICAL branch .i want to select philosphy as second optional subject with electrical engg.
    is it a right combination????????
    plz sir give me advice

  11. soumendu Says:

    the key points on philosophy was really very informative.can you please help me out with more information on answer writing in philosophy mains and important books

  12. krrish Says:

    Please send me the list for Philosophy Mains in Hindi Medium.

  13. vishnu Says:

    Dear Sir

    Kindly help me in knowing the cut-off marks for prelims for general candidates.


  14. Nirdesh Kumar Says:

    Subject doesn’t matter, If you have passion about to achieve something then u would get the best of the world.

  15. harsh Says:

    hi…im an engineer. i have geography as my 1st option and want to know a few things about philosophy before i decide to take it as my second option.
    1)is philosophy a subject like pub. ad. where the fluctuation in marks is very prominent??
    2)being an engineer and having no background in philosophy is it an apt subject for me or not??
    3) how long will it take me to finish its course if I think of studying GS along with it giving it only the 2nd priority??

    it would be a great help to me if anyone can give me a genuine suggestion regarding my queries…
    thank you

  16. ADARSH Says:

    sir, is public administration and ohilosophy a right combination for an engineering graduate who is passionate to crack the exam in very first attempt?

  17. ajaysinghniranjan Says:

    Hi Adarsh ,

    Public Administration ( Pre + Main ) and Philosophy ( Main ) are a very right combination of civil service exam.

    Best wishes

    • poornesh Says:

      some people says that there is lot of fluctuation in pub.add.subjcts (in marks field) is it true and is it safe for become an ias wit the help of public add .?

  18. sumedh Says:

    kindly suggest me the books for philosphy for pre and mains
    thank u…………

  19. michelle Says:

    what is the best coaching center for philosophy for mains…
    i studied sociology with upendra in south delhi, and i loved it…
    looking for the best teacher….

  20. manish Says:


  21. aaSma Says:

    Zoology and philosophy is a rite combination?
    zoology and psychology ?

  22. Ankur Says:


    Can philosophy be studied without any coaching,but only with correspondence material and books ?

    I am an engineering background student,presently in software job and eyeing CS 2010.

    Thinking of keeping Pub Ad and Philosophy or Philosophy and sociology as my optional subjects .

    Please suggest ?

  23. rashmi Says:

    my subjects are psychology and sociology.kindly tell me the key points to crack the ias in first attempt

  24. Ajit shinde Says:

    My 1st optional is pubad,i want to take philosophy as 2nd opt. my graduation is B.A.M.S plz guide me.m leaving my history option n takin philosophy.



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