General Studies: Indian Economy: Planning – Five Years Plans

10th Five Year Plan (2002-2007) 

Volume I: Dimensions and Strategies
S.No. Contents PDF File
i. Planning Commission PDF
ii. Foreword PDF
iii. Preface PDF
1. Perspective,Objectivesand Strategy PDF
2. Macroeconomic Dimensions PDF
3. Public Sector Plan : Resources and Allocations PDF
4. External Sector Dimensions PDF
5. Employment Perspective PDF
6. Governance and Implementation PDF
7. Disaster Management : The Development Perspective PDF
8. Policy Imperatives and Programmatic Initiatives PDF
Volume II: Sectoral Policies and Programmes
1. Overview
  1.1. Overview PDF
2. Human and Social Development
  2.1. Sectoral Overview PDF
  2.2. Elementary Education PDF
  2.3. Secondary Education PDF
  2.4. Vocational Education PDF
  2.5. Higher and Technical Education PDF
  2.6. Adult Literacy & Continuing Education PDF
  2.7. Youth and Sports PDF
  2.8. Health PDF[2.40MB]*
  2.9. Indian System of Medicine and Homoeopathy PDF
  2.10. Family Welfare PDF[1.82MB]*
  2.11. Women and Children PDF
  2.12. Art and Culture PDF
3. The Social Net
  3.1. Sectoral Overview PDF
  3.2. Poverty Alleviation in Rural India – Strategy & Programmes PDF
  3.3. Food and Nutrition Security PDF [1.60MB]*
  3.4. Public Distribution System PDF
  3.5. Labour Welfare & Social Security PDF
4. Special Groups
  4.1. Socially Disadvantaged Groups PDF
  4.2. Scheduled Tribes PDF
  4.3. Other Special Groups PDF
5. Agriculture and Rural Development
  5.1. Agriculture PDF
  5.2. Animal Husbandry and Dairying PDF
  5.3. Development of Wastelands and Degraded Lands PDF
  5.4. Khadi & Village Industries PDF
  5.5. Rural Water Supply and Sanitation PDF
6. Urban Development
  6.1. Urban Development PDF
  6.2. Civic Amenities in Urban Areas PDF
7. Industry and Services
  7.1. Industry PDF
  7.2. Minerals PDF
  7.3. Energy PDF
  7.4. Information Technology PDF
  7.5. Tourism PDF
  7.6. Real Estate PDF
  7.7. Construction PDF
  7.8. Internal Trade PDF
8. Infrastructure
  8.1. Irrigation, Flood Control and Command Area Development PDF
  8.2. Power PDF
  8.3. Transport PDF
  8.4. Information and Broadcasting PDF
  8.5. Communications PDF
9. Forests and Environment
  9.1. Forests and Environment PDF
10. Science and Technology
  10.1. Science and Technology PDF
  Appendix: A-1 to A-91 PDF
Volume III: State Plans- Trends, Concerns and Strategies
1. Introduction PDF
2. Plan Investments & Financing PDF
3. Development Trends PDF
4. Special Area Programmes PDF
5. Planning and Implementation Issues PDF
6. Concerns and Strategies PDF

10th Five Year Plan

8th Five Year Plan

6th Five Year Plan

4th Five Year Plan

2nd Five Year Plan

9th Five Year Plan

7th Five Year Plan

5th Five Year Plan

3rd Five Year Plan

1st Five Year Plan

 Courtesy: Planning Commission ~   

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