PHYSICS – IAS Main – Basics & Understanding of IAS Physics

Key Points:

·         Most Popular Optional subject for Science/ Engineering background candidate.

·         Highly scoring optional subjects.

·         Position: First optional subject (prelim & Main both).

·         Well define & Structured syllabus.

·         One of the best Entering rate for main exam : 43 % ( Qualify candidate for Main exam / Appear candidate in the prelim of Physics optional )

·         Highest success rate of 17 % among popular optional subjects.

Recommended Books: IAS Main Physics Books Plan


Download Complete Program at ~

Plan Dec’: 10 Mock Tests- PHYSICS Pre 2009: Schedule & Content

Starting on – 14 Dec. 2008





11 Responses to “PHYSICS – IAS Main – Basics & Understanding of IAS Physics”

  1. Puneet Goyal Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am regular reader of vision IAS blog. Really this is wonderful blog which I have found is more concentrate on preparation for CSE examination. Really your team is helping us a lot.

    Will it be possible for your team to put the same section for geography and psychology (Especially key points and recommended books)? It would be better if we can get information for all other subjects also. I am requesting because your information always focus and concise on what we and examiner wants always.

    Puneet Goyal

  2. Amirt upadhyay Says:

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Mohan kumar D Says:

    This is really amazing site, which really gives an added advantage to the IAS aspirants. Excellent!!, thanks to the developer.

  4. ankur Says:

    hi! xcellent comm of urs “vision ias”
    can u pls suggest me some books or material for physiocs

  5. RAJESH Says:

    BESTest site for UPSC exams

    particulary the one site which provide qulaity info abt the science subjects….plz keep it up

    could u also add some more material for physics..

  6. vijay Says:

    its a great site for ias preparation
    please upload mains 2007 papers of physics

  7. Rose Says:

    hi there,
    i was very much confused whether to take Physics as an optional for my mains… this blog really helped me, and has inspired me a Lot…Keep up the great work… !!!

  8. susheel Says:

    it is really awonderfullsigt

  9. nomughar Says:

    physics should be a good optional if you have a master degree in physics..the problem is that you have got to present your answer well knowledge along will not do….

  10. Rupesh Says:

    Dear sir
    I am really confused what should i take for mains optional subject (physics or Geography) please tell me.

  11. nitin choudhary Says:

    plz suggest me the proper way 4 preperation of physics for IAS& also suggest me useful books

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