IAS General Studies Main: Political and Economical Weekly: July 21- 27, 2007

Deal In Making

If one were to go by prime minister Manmohan Singh, negotiations to finalise the so-called 123 agreement, which would “operationalise” the Indo-US nuclear deal, are in their “last leg”. View Full Article   

Global Civil Society and Global Justice by Neera Chandhoke

Global civil society organisations in their quest to ensure global justice for the deprived, the marginalised, and, especially, the victims of globalisation, have succeeded in drawing the world’s attention to an impressive extent. However, the imperatives of global justice must configure the presence of the other essential factor that can ensure a just world: democracy. In their endeavour to seek justice and to “speak for” the victims, civil society organisations must also extend to their subjects, the voice to express and shape their own agenda. View Full Article  

Perceptions and Receptions: Sachar Committee and the Secular Left

It is in the larger context of the changing nature of the political process in India that we need to locate the real significance of the Sachar Committee report and the kind of response it has received from different political formations, including the secular left. Perhaps more important than the data that it has been able to marshal in support of its formulations on the development deficit among the Indian Muslims is the manner in which it has dealt with the subject. View Full Article  

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