IAS MAINS : How to Select Right set of optional Subjets in IAS Exam









 Select RIGHT set of optional subject … a Strategic Decision in UPSC preparation

Read these Critical Parameters & Analyze:


Download PDF file ( 96 KB ) :  A RIGHT Set of optional subjects  ( Think & Analyze these parameters effectively ).



First Optional Subject – Focus on Prelim and Main both simultaneously.


Second Optional Subject – Focus on Main Only. 



































11 Responses to “IAS MAINS : How to Select Right set of optional Subjets in IAS Exam”

  1. manognya Says:

    hello sir am studying b pharmacy 3RD year ….. am interested in ias ….. kindly help me to select subjects for civils

  2. Dhananjay Kumar Says:

    hello i have just completed my Graduation with HIstory Hons.
    My Subsidiary subjects were Geography and Political Science.

    I want to prepare for I.A.S. Exams. I want to know

    Which optional subjects will be better choice for preparation.

  3. mritunjay sharma Says:

    hello sir i am a student of B-TECH ELECTRONICS and TELICOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING 2ND YEAR NIT SILCHAR. I want to prepare for ias in my branch. kindly help me to choose the subjects. also help to choose the tutorial for right correspendence course.

  4. mritunjay sharma Says:

    sir i being a student of B-TECH 2ND YEAR ETE OF NIT SILCHARwants to know of subject combinations for preparation of ias/ies for the above branch. please mail at above address. help me please to choose the write correspondence course too.

  5. manish Says:

    sir, i wanna be ias and im a student of 11th class so please help me so that i can prepare for ias exam from now onwards actually tell me what subjects should i choose in 11th and what do do after graduation
    thanking u
    manish singh ..

  6. Samarjit Barik Says:

    Hello sir,
    I am Samarjit Barik.I am A Btech graduate student passed out this year.I want to prepare for IAS Exam.My trade is Electronics & telecommunication. please help me to choose subjects for IAS exam.

  7. kaishar jamal Says:

    hello sir, i m the student b.tech in electrical engg .i m in in second year,i want to prepare for ias exam,what should my strategy for this.give me details ..

  8. swati Says:

    sir, i am doing pol. sc. [h] from university of delhi..will a combination of history and pol. sc. for the mains do for me.. mentioning the fact that iam genuinely interested in history and am ready to work very hard for it…

  9. Kamalpriya garg Says:

    i have completed my graduation in pharmacy and now i want to prepare for ias..please guide for which subjects i should go for.

  10. rahul Says:

    best combination of subject

  11. rahul Says:

    best combination of subjects.

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