IAS – how you play this complex game of Civil services exam

A] – Myth: Coaching means success!

Right Coaching provides you right directions, competitive edge & fast learning but Real work depend on you because maintaining passion, hard work, patience & discipline and sustaining a range on information & knowledge in brain till last time will play more vital role for selection of this exam.

B] – Myth: Toppers strategy is always right!

Reality: If you read interviews on topper, you can easily understand that what is the source of variations in this exam. It is better to understand your weakness & strength and adopt a strategy which is more suitable to your environment & conditions. It is better to change according to changing condition because something is right at this time will not right in the future. Try to develop a proper understanding for right decision making.
Dear Friends,
I am Just recalling the fact which is well known that Numbers of participant are around 3 lacks and Number of seats are vary from 400 to 500.

Because of this reasons (high level of competitions ) few words like LUCK, Uncertainty, complexity and fuzziness are discussion topics in your daily talks.

Definitely these are right and we can not neglect because it is ground reality of these exam. But the main question: how you play this complex game of Civil services exam by robust strategy & Tactics and clear & simple plans and under guidance of Right coaching (or self) with Right information, right material, and right time management.

KEEP IN MIND: Be Proactive (Already prepare for future happening) and Try to use your understanding for Right Decision (Learning from past experience of all sources, work at present & shaping the future carefully).Before taking any DECISION, Are you able to answering these critical questions??? Check it, clearly!!!

ASK YOURSELF? (Questions are Simple But if you ignore it …You can enter spiral game of this exam and scanning the mistake at preparation phase is difficult …So Try to Proactive for every decisions & actions)

1. A Robust Strategy & Tactics:

– Why I am choosing these optional ( My choice , friends choice , coaching choice or Toppers choice )
– Why I am joining these coaching center ( Teaching methodology, Proper intellectual & emotional support , right direction and update regularly according to changing trend and complete the whole syllabus at right time so that I have proper time for practice & feedback to ownself about the preparation).
– Have I prepared a complete framework (mental image) about completion two options, essay, GS at right time?
2. Right Planning: How much I have simplified the plan for maintain it throughout period of preparation? Are your plan is proper align to strategy? ( complete daily target and move gradually & continuously and maintain it )
3. Right Information: Why I am confusion from external wrong information about UPSC pattern (Check it, what is right about UPSC and don’t believe some myths which misguide & confuse the mind and disturb to whole preparation).
4. Right material: What I have right books, notes, magazines & new papers? ( Add some uniqueness in your reading material for differentiation to your competitors )
5. Right Time Management: how many hours I can read? (Proper allocation of time to all subjects according to its requirement, every paper has same marks), Why I am not balancing the preparation? (Balance is an easy path).
6. Right suggestion: which suggestion is better for me? ( Don’t confuse with a range of advices from a range of sources and try to decide better one on the basis of real requirement of UPSC exam as well as suitability to you )
7. Right Answer writing: How many times I tried to write answer at home? ( Check it ! writing is a game of 2000 mark in UPSC exam & Try to write answer at home and rectify all types of errors ).
8. Right Mindset: why I am thinking in a particular paradigm (frames)? ( Give more flexibility & openness in your attitude & Expand your thinking in various dimensions ( multiple framing, think out of the box, win win thinking ) .
9. Right way of practice: am I learning from practice? ( Practice at right way with consideration of time & Proper feedback about experience , errors etc for improvement of overall performance )


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6 Responses to “IAS – how you play this complex game of Civil services exam”

  1. Kalpana R Says:

    Respected Sir,

    I Would like join and study in this course please send me previous question paper

  2. Parag K Says:

    firstly, i am deeply grateful to you regarding the information you people are rendering for IAS aspirants. Please do show some possoble strategies in terms of how to study, suitable studying tips and the right way to build up your confidence for the interview (how to practise on daily basis).
    ( Also please rectify the grammatical errors in you texts above)

  3. Jai Says:


    I am a MBA grad, now i want to do IAS.Can any one suggest me should i go for coach or self- preparation?

  4. pradeepta Says:

    Thank You .
    It is really very good one .

  5. pradeepta Says:

    sir I am a M.B.A and preparing for IAS exam .
    The tips given by you will really helpful to me.

  6. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on SU telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

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