Alagh committee report: Recommended remedial measure for the recruitment & induction Phase.

New : UPSC : IAS DISTANCE LEARNING – All INDIA IAS MAINS TEST SERIES 2012 – ANSWER WRITING EVALUATION PROGRAMME – General Studies , Public Administration , Sociology , Philosophy , Geography , Psychology , Hindi Literature , Essay :Mains Test Series 2012 ( Module II : 9 October)


But Main Question is: WHAT UPSC want?? Where should need more focus? What is the priority? Where need Change? Which words add in your vocabulary? Try to deep think …Redefine your Strategy according to Change.

Key Points:
§ It suggests that the preliminary examination be made more objective and the main examination include papers on diverse subjects.
§ The report deal with eligibility parameters, the desired Characteristics of candidate in terms of knowledge, skill and attitude and the modalities of identifying the most suitable candidates. It makes a strong case of lowering the age limit for recruitment, arguing that economic cost of taking examination at a higher age effects from poorer family. The committee has designed a scheme to identify younger candidates.
§ The reports state that many civil servants suffer from intellectual sluggishness, which is manifested in the flattening of their learning curves. Most civil servants, according to the report, have the attitude that they are repositories of the wisdom and knowledge needed to deal with matters that lies within their spheres of authority. This attitude, the report points out, has made them unreceptive to new ideas and impervious to innovations that are essential in a dynamic administration environment.
§ The report says that the recruitment and training of civil servants should be a long term exercise. Future Civil servants, It says, should be exposed to field oriented development activities so that they remain in touch with people at the grassroots. Civil servants should develop an ability to work closely with civil society.
§ The report emphases the needs to recruit candidate who can champion reforms, facilitates the functioning of NGOs and cooperative groups and help the economy and society to operate within the national & global markets.
§ The report suggest that at the time of recruitment it has to be checked whether aspirants are aware of the direction in which country is moving and the strengths and weakness of civil society.
§ They should also have an ability to interface with modern technology and institutions of local self-government and perform their duties with sense of fair play , compassion & commitment to achieve the objectives set by the founding fathers
§ The report emphasis the need to reorient the civil service in context of the diminishing role of state in providing direct economic services, the state’s growing importance in the economic and social sectors and the growing scarcity of non renewable resources and the need to protect vulnerable group of society.
§ The committee refers to some basic flaws in mindsets of civil servant. In a strongly worded chapter, it says that in popular perception members of civil services have a ruler mind sets , show no courteous and human behavior are totally devoid of transparency in decision making, and seems to be preoccupied with their own survival & vested interest.
§ This mind sets according to report , become apparent when they are called upon to take care of the needs of the weaker section of society , especially while implementing policies that can lead to clash with the interests of influential persons in society.“ As a result, the objective of justice, fair play, development and welfare vis-s-vis the weaker sections tend to suffer by default” the report state.
§ A negative orientation, decline professionalism, intellectual sluggishness and lack of ability to acquire new knowledge, undynamic outlook and, a complete lack of intellectual honesty are some of the other weakness identified in the report .The report makes special mentions of the decline in the levels of integrity among civil servants.
§ The report says, there has been significant erosion of esprit de crops within the higher services. It underlines that while some members of civil services have maintained a firm commitment to high standard of ethics and to service of nation, many other have breached the codes of professional conduct and entered into unethical, symbolic pacts of convenience and mutual accommodation with influential politicians & business interests.
§ According to report, posting and transfer have become a tool in the hand of political executive with which to force civil servants to comply with their diktatts. Civil servants who show the flexibility to go along with the directions of their political masters are rewarded and those who refuse to compromise their professional independence, honesty & integrity are sidelined and penalized, it says. The “punishment” comes in the form of frequent changes in assignmentsINSIGHT from Report: For “Mains” Exam (Answer writing), “Essay” and “Interview” (Personality test):
Ideas for Focus:

# New ideas & creative and innovative thinking
# More Diversification of Knowledge for making a better understanding
# Sound decision making capability & open minded perception
# Key attributes: Facilitator, Commitment, Transparency, Practical, Dynamic, bottom-up thinking
# Execution Gap: Clarity, Translation, Enabling, Synergy & Accountability (How to Implement)
# Parameter for measurement: Skill, Knowledge & Attitude (Continuously develop every day)
# A habit of Learning (Latest technology & Techniques) – For simplification of processes

And more Try to think and Change according to current environment & dynamic condition with

confront the reality.

“Innovation: change that creates a new dimension of performance.”- Peter F. Drucker




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  1. vikas Says:

    I released lot bu your vision directions……. it is very helpfull to me..

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    this is very helpfull to me b,cos this is not related to corse this is related to prespactive`s

  3. praveenranjan Says:

    is this the summary of alagh committee nice work try to give some more information

  4. Anup. Says:

    Thank you..

  5. keshab kumar Says:

    thanks a lot for providing the gist of the Alagh com. report in a concise form which help for the preparation.

  6. Naveen Says:

    Thanks a ton for providing us with the report of Alagh Committee.It gave me an idea on what exactly is expected of civil servants in the prsent scenario..

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