Answer with explantion :IAS G.S. Pre. General Studies 2007 by Team Vision IAS ( English Medium )


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32 Responses to “Answer with explantion :IAS G.S. Pre. General Studies 2007 by Team Vision IAS ( English Medium )”

  1. hemant choudhary Says:

    IAS PRE 2007 Held on 20th May Answere key for public adminstration A

    General studies C.

  2. sathish kumar Says:

    IAS preliminary exam key for General Studies and Indian History

  3. Sudeep Ghosh Says:

    A nice initiative.It will be nice if u give answers of optionals also.

  4. deepak Says:



    this is a good piece of work. keep it up! accept my greetings for the hard work done by the VISION IAS team.
    wishing you all the best in your endeavours,

  6. vijaya babu Says:

    key for IAS key for the preliminary examination

  7. shail Says:


  8. rajinder Says:


  9. Hareesh Says:

    hi ,i am hareesh. i had written ias 2007. i want the answers . can you send also the answer key of optional is physics
    yours faithfully

  10. ramarao Says:

    key general studies 2007 civils prelims

  11. ramarao Says:


  12. ramarao Says:

    no comments

  13. ramarao Says:


    i need solutions for general studies for civils 2007 held in 20/05/07

  14. ramarao Says:

    its good to pub lish keysheet at first instance in india thanks

  15. ramarao Says:

    thanks for giving slution sheet

  16. ankush deshmukh Says:

    i want the key for my career turning point. only u can change my life.

  17. Nirmel.S Says:

    hi if possible, also give us the answers for Indian history prelims 2007

  18. Hareesh Says:

    can u send the answer key of ias PHYSICS prelims for booklet A
    thanx for GS answers………

  19. Tej Pratap Singh Says:

    I am doing my phs in molecular medicine and interested to appear in IAS 2008, please give some idea about how to prepare for IAS pre.

  20. surya Says:

    Resp Sir,
    I would like to heart fully l thank you for such a great job done.It is of great help especially for the poor people who strive hard to get into civil’s and other competitive exams as they couldn’t afford to pay much fee for any kind of competitive exams.I hope & wish this kind of service will bring outstanding results for your revered organization well as for the students of all
    ages.God Bless you!

  21. Anil Chatrath Says:

    My son has appeared in 2007 Civil Services Prelms and the answers are
    required to know his would be score. I have come to know that your
    answers are 100% correct kindly help.

  22. Ramakant Says:

    Thanx for the soultions provided.
    I hope these will be quite correct answers, and wil help public to prepare either for mains or for next prelims.

  23. Sadhana Says:

    Please, provide me the key of Geography prelims held on 20-05-07 at an earliest. Thanks and looking forward for the key.

  24. shreya Says:

    somebody plz plz send me physics answer key – prelims 2007

  25. SHREYA Says:


  26. neeraj Says:

    can anyone plz inform me, when the pre result is coming?

  27. ajaysinghniranjan Says:


    Result will come probably second week of August .

    regards & thanks
    ajay singh

  28. suraj Says:

    Will the 2007 IAS preliminary results there on commission web site ?

    Please name the news papers too in which this result would be published


  29. Uday Says:

    hello…………. please inform when is the prelims result

  30. Uday Says:

    I have written exam……….. when is the results of prelims

  31. ajaysinghniranjan Says:

    Statistical Analysis: IAS General Studies Prelim: Question pattern & Trend Analysis

    Link at :

  32. Nagarjun Says:

    very helpful in getting previous yrs papers………..

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