Current Affair from Hindu ( Most Important Facts in 8 hours)



5 Full Length Mock Tests + 3 Composite Current Affairs Mock Tests


+ Comprehensive Current Affairs Notes (from June 2008 to April 2009)


Download Program at :

‘Plan April ’: ‘ 5 + 3 ’ MOCK TESTS – IAS G. S. Pre 2009



 Registration form ( Word format , Size : 155 KB )

Registration from ( PDF format ,  Size : 49 KB )


QUIZ Database: Current Affairs & G.K. – IAS G.S. Pre. 2009

16 Responses to “Current Affair from Hindu ( Most Important Facts in 8 hours)”

  1. priyamvada Says:

    too gud……..

  2. priyamvada Says:

    good job

  3. Prabhakarreddy Says:

    good job dude… keep posting updates….

  4. raja Says:

    Please send me the key answers for political science of CSE 2007

  5. rakesh kichouliya Says:


  6. Anup Says:

    This is simply awesome

  7. vidhi saxena Says:

    Very arduous task u did, Great job

  8. Ajay Says:

    This is good job,
    lot of help to the students.
    Jai Hind!

  9. anu Says:

    i couldn’t download the current affairs of hindu…how can i???

  10. chinchu Says:

    hai ,
    i came across this blog when i searched 4 previous years’ question papers.found this blog very helpful.nowthat all are preparing very seriously,it is good and ihelpful when we all getg extra tips from here.i 2 triedto click that current affairs of hindu.pls help us out with the procedure to get that.all the best.have a good day.

  11. rupam Says:

    good……………its really very good and helpful………..for g.s…………

  12. dhivya Says:

    it’s really great

  13. dikshit Says:

    it is really fab..
    good work

  14. Ramya Says:

    make that hindu current affair available to everybody and help me out to get that

  15. jaffar Says:

    Hi all,
    Its tooo good, This s very helpful for me…If u provide a key and small small tips…its useful for me..

  16. Santosh Says:

    coudn’t download current affairs of Hindu,please guide me.

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