CIVIL SERVICES (MAIN) EXAMINATION: 2006 (Candidates Marks DataBase)



26 Responses to “CIVIL SERVICES (MAIN) EXAMINATION: 2006 (Candidates Marks DataBase)”

  1. krao Says:

    very helpful

  2. Amit Says:

    This database is very useful to start with.

  3. vasu Says:

    i cannot open the link. I get page cannot be found

  4. neeru Says:

    its quite informative.

  5. balan G Says:

    thank you was very help in analysis… thanks again

  6. S P G Says:

    I am not able to download the flie, Can anyone help me in downloading the file?

  7. Shravana Says:

    I was unable to download, please help me download or send it to my email

  8. Ashish Says:

    PLZ I am unable to download. Kindly mail it to me.

  9. Udit Says:

    hey.. i believe your server is switched off whenever I try to access the database. Please mail me the list..

    Thanks !

  10. dr makarand Says:

    your server is switched off whenever I try to access the database. Please mail me the list..


  11. ajaysinghniranjan Says:

    Friends ,
    Please download this CSM Mark data base from this link :

    Click to access ias-mains-2006-candidate-mark-database.pdf

    warm regards & thanks
    Ajay Singh Niranjan

  12. anupam Says:

    good job..
    its a first hand information for the aspirants about marks
    thanx a lot

  13. ajaysinghniranjan Says:

    Please download updated CSM Mark Data Base.

    Click to access civil-services-mains-2006-marks-analysis.pdf

    warm regards & thanks
    ajay singh niranjan

  14. ragunathan Says:

    its very helpful…do u give coaching or guidance for public administration mains exam?

  15. kapil dhaka Says:

    sir there is no database for 2005 main .. do u have any ??

  16. rajiv kumar mondal Says:

    dear sir m a student pursuing my course and unable to select optional subject. so please mail me the selected canditate database wich i m unable to download.

  17. shivendra Says:

    this is outstanding. please look at those who are preparing with hindi medium. so there should be one to start a new tradition. you may be the pioneer in that field. with regards

  18. prashant Says:

    please tell me reserved category student marks of selected candidates

  19. techie Says:

    I am getting so many requests. You can find your marks in this URL.
    Dont ask me how I found it 🙂
    Replace the roll_no and the DOB.

  20. techie Says:

    civil services mains 2007 …csm 2007 marks (not qualified) …link given above

  21. santosh anand Says:

    thanx mr. abhishek..& others to make something very helpful to IAS aspirants. It is really very helpful for me & like me 2 choose the papers for examination. I’m final year student of COMPUTER ENGG. from BCE BHAGALPUR BIHAR and there is not any paper in IAS exam from computer engg. so it is tough task for me 2 choose my optional papers for exam……..once again i’m very thankfull to all of u who make it possible…….byeeee

  22. Tinku Says:

    please let me know wat optionals i sud take.i have spent 3 years after my engg in job and found no meaning to the work i did in i ahve planned to leave the job and prepare for the same.i am an mechanical engineer and look forward to be an IPS officer.please let me know wat optionals i should i take.

  23. krupakar Says:

    very much helpful if analysis like this is available for latest examinations it gives info about latest trend and make us orient in right direction

  24. krupakar Says:

    very helpful ….. if letest trends of marks are also available it guides us in right direction

  25. munna Says:

    would u please give marks data base on category wise PH,SC,ST

  26. irfan Says:

    i want 2 know about the books that u recommend for each portion of zoology

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