IAS General Studies (Prelim) Mock Test 2007 on Latest pattern of UPSC .

General Studies Prelim Question Paper: 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 , 2004 , 2003








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Plan Dec’: 20 Mock Tests – G. S. Pre 2009:

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Starting on – 7 Dec. 2008



13 Responses to “IAS General Studies (Prelim) Mock Test 2007 on Latest pattern of UPSC .”

  1. rajeev Says:

    good and effective questions

  2. satyanjai Says:

    It is an excellent sit

  3. satyanjai Says:

    it is an excellant site

  4. satyanjai Says:

    to prepare for ics, one has to work hard

  5. satyanjai Says:

    how to escape negative marking in IAS exam? The best way is to attempt only those questions which are comprehended by you and you are sure to answer the same

  6. satyanjai Says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  7. tgrst Says:

    Compilation on
    Changing Character of the IAS





  8. amardeep gupta Says:

    i m doing preparation of IAS last two year. last year i clear pre. but i could not select in main due to mathematics score. i have a problem in mathematics paper II section B Numerical integration.if any body can provide own experience and guidance.any one can provide material abt its book.i want the solution of all flowchart problems and program which comes in IAS mathematics paper II section B problem no 7.plz plz plz help me ..
    i will very thankful everybody.plz tell me about its book which consists of solution of these problems…
    **************** ***************************************
    Algorithms and flow charts for solving numerical analysis problems.
    Developing simple programs in Basic for problems involving techniques covered in the numerical analysis.

  9. neeraj bhat Says:

    name connotes the aim

  10. Abhishek Rai Says:

    I am a chartered accountant & presently associated with an audit firm. I want to be an IAS officer, for which I just want to know that whether tutions are utmost essential for its prepartion. Apart from that I have another query which subject apart from commerce should I choose for mains.

  11. rajvir Says:

    i am a student of B.Sc.-II(C.Sc,maths,stat)I want to prepare for ias plz guide me the books which i should study ,& combination of subjects.

  12. nitinsingla Says:

    i am a student of B.A.last year . i want to prepare for ia plz guide methe book whichi should,&combination of subject

  13. pankaj Says:

    i have done complete b.c.a. brom barelliy i.i.m.s , i have some problem to continue m.c.a ,but i want to prepare for i.a.s pls give me advoice what have to do.

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